7 Great Sites to Find Gamers Like You to Play With Online

My friend and I were talking this week about trying to find some good online gaming communities to be a part of. I thought this process would be a lot easier than it actually was now that I had a gaming platform to connect with the rest of the world (it wasn’t for us at least). It took a lot of digging through forums on numerous sites to find ones that were worth checking out.

One thing that made it so difficult was that there are so many different communities for every genre and playstyle of gaming! It’s awesome, but it also leads to a lot of time-consuming research to find communities of people with similar personalities and gaming preferences.

I figured this would be a good article to write to help direct people to the communities I found to be the most helpful. Some of the resources below are apps you can get on your phone and they literally match you with similar people-almost like tinder but not in a weird way.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together” –African proverb

In this article, I’ll talk about all that stuff as well as some good online games to play with friends if you haven’t already heard of them, VR CO-OP, and some scarcely remaining split-screen games.  As always, if you have any comments on anything feel free the leave one below or reach out at entertainmentden.ns@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to respond!


Table of Contents

Top Sites

Most Friendly Gaming Communities

Best Splitscreen Games 2019

Top 2019 Online Games to Play

Best Co-Op VR Games



Top  Sites 

Please let me know if you also feel there is anything that needs to be added to this list so other people can also find it more helpful. Also, none of these links are sponsored and I don’t receive a commission for you clicking on these links or using them.

  • GamerPals on Reddit: I would say this one is hands down the best site for finding communities of players just like you. I was impressed with how many games were listed on the threads considering I usually stay away from Reddit forum pages. When you see comments like “looking for rad friends to play Car Cry 5 with,” you know you’re in the right place. Most of the threads are super chill individuals looking for specific games to play with people. You can usually tell how serious or relaxed the person is based on what they say they’re interested in. Just scroll through the feeds and do a  ctrl F to search for specific games you have to see if any pop up. Can’t forget to mention console gaming and the Nintendo Switch is included with this!


  • GameTree: This app is a more curated version of the GamerPals thread on Reddit. You input your interests, what games you have, skill level, and a couple of other details. After that, it connects you to a bunch of people that have similar interests and matches with you. This would be especially helpful for games like Overwatch where it pays to know the capabilities of teammates and what roles they’re good at playing. I recommend downloading the desktop version if you have a gaming PC so you can connect and link up with players once they match with you. One of the best functions about this app is that it has built-in tags for people’s skill levels and what classes they tend to play as. You could use this to put together a super cohesive team for games like Battlefield and many more.


  • Discord: Another app similar to GameTree but this one lets you communicate with people in the same game as you. Since Minecraft doesn’t have an audio chat system like a lot of other games, it comes in really handy if you can’t have friends physically present to play at your house/dorm. It uses a sub-app called TeamSpeak, and your friends can add you to their lobby using something similar to a group code. The Forest and Rust gaming communities greatly appreciate apps like this to talk with teammates since these games naturally pit players against each other. I just downloaded this one so I can connect with some of my Minecraft friends.


  • Gamr2Gamr: Another one just like Discord except you can bug your friends even when they’re not online. Just kidding, but it does come with a feature that lets you “knock on their door.” If your friend knocks and you have time to play, it’s a great function that lets you link up with friends at convenient times. There’s nothing else I found to be that different compared to Discord. I think the interface is a little simpler than some of the other ones. Ultimately, it strikes a nice blend between finding gamers of similar interest and personality. This app combined with the discord app would make playing with friends you’ve never met before easier than ever.


  • GameFame: People who play massively multiplayer games will find this one helpful. It helps you find matches for Doom, The Division, Destiny, Overwatch, and many more. The website itself isn’t very helpful in explaining how it works. I can see this one being more useful to people in foreign countries who are trying to find gamers of similar demographics since it matches people based on age, gender, language, and country. I wish it would curate a little bit more but nevertheless, it helps you make it less of a dice roll on who you end up in PVP matches with.


  • GamerLink App: I really like this one after looking through their site and app features. They do the same thing as Gamr2Gamr and include every platform from Steam, Origin, WiiU, and even BattleSpace. I searched for some reviews on it since I haven’t used this specific one yet. Most people were saying it’s incredibly helpful for them to find people to join their party. It takes a little bit of getting used to the interface and using all of its features but well worth it once you really figure it out.


  • Using Steam to Find Friends: Some communities are more active on the forum pages than others. The Arma III one is perhaps the most helpful. If you can’t find friends on any of the other sites, I recommend actually leaving a comment and see if anyone responds. A lot of threads on the topic of meetups get lost in all the other conversation for that specific game. Steam gets the most traffic to their forum threads than all these other sites, so it’s more likely that you’ll get someone to respond to your post on here.


What’s the best console for kids?

Online gaming isn’t always for ages 12 and under, but that doesn’t mean your kid can’t enjoy social gaming. Check out my article on the best gaming platform for kids. 

What are the friendliest gaming communities to be apart of?

The answer is subjective to who you ask. I first came up with some of my own from personal experience and then searched online to see if anyone agree with me. After combining these two with games that people actually like, here’s how I would rank them (in no particular order):

  • Elder Scrolls Online: everyone has a common affinity to Skyrim and wishes that it was co-op to some extent. The Elder Scrolls Online was their answer to the fanbase. It’s not as filled with cocky eight-year-olds like League of Legends and people who play Elder Scrolls Online will likely find more mature players.


  • Team Fortress 2: I think the cartoon graphics and lack of seriousness the game portrays are the reason people don’t feel the need to swat opposing players. The game is still wildly popular and is always experiencing an influx of new players to the community. In some ways, it’s impossible to be mean to the new kids because there’s so many of them. The word “team” is also found within the title of the game so you can expect to feel welcomed by the community.


  • Dark Souls: The camaraderie of this community is a bit unlike the other ones. People engage with each other on the basis of sharing their run-through times in the campaign more so than any multiplayer accolades. There are so many different ways to go about playing the community supports Youtubers who take different approaches to the game.


  • Battlefield: Again, I think EA sucks the most. Having played Battlefield 3 and 4, a lot of other players tend the think so as well. It unites the community to some extent and does require elements of teamwork to be successful. It’s hard to ignore the fact that cohesive teams tend to win so you’re less likely to end up in a verbal dispute with players (even though it does happen).



Split Screen Games That Still Exist

This section needs way more than the ones I’ve listed here! It kind of sucks how much time I spent searching through Steam and the web to find modern split-screen games. I think if companies focused on continuing to make these, it would be a lot easier to find things to do when your friends game over.  I definitely wish there were more of these. If you can think of any other really good ones in 2019 (old or new) feel free to leave a comment.


Rocket League

This is an old one but it’s still booming with activity and overly competitive players. All you have to do for split-screen is hook up a second controller. This game is also available for PS4 and Xbox.


Resident Evil 6

It’s nice to have games that automatically come with a split screen capability. The best way that I’ve seen people playing this game with a friend is through a dual monitor set up. The game naturally blacks out portions of the screen to make the images uniform but you lose quite a bit of space.

They don’t have a remastered version of this one so you’ll have to be comfortable with playing the version that came out 6 years ago. The fact that it’s multiplayer and a bit of a classic should be a selling point for most people.


Lego Marvel Superheroes / Lego Harry Potter

These aren’t just kids games. They’re all of our favorite superheroes and wizards piled into a game that you can play with friends just like the Lego Star Wars that came out on PS2. The Lego series have changed a bit and have become more diverse in how they play but they still feel like an original. If I’m not mistaken, other Lego games like Spiderman and Indiana Jones should also be locally multiplayer.


FIFA and Madden Series

These will always be classics in the world of sports gamers. I hate EA, but they actually do a decent job with their sports games. I left this section in here in case you didn’t know you could also play on PC. These two don’t require split screen since players take turns running different plays and controlling their team on the same screen.


Gears of War 4 and Upcoming GOW 5!

I’ve never played the Gears of War series, but how many of their fans know that the upcoming GOW 5 is also going to be split-screen?! I wish other companies would listen to their fanbase and still be willing to keep features we all like (I’m calling out Halo 5).


How to Get Minecraft Splitscreen on PC

I added this one in here because I found a way to make it split-screen! It’s not possible to originally do on the PC unless you follow the instructions from the video I linked below.

All you have to do is follow the instructions from this video to get it to work. Note that you can’t use the same account to play split-screen so your friend will have to have his / her own account.



Other Games to Play Online

I know I left out some RTS (real-time strategy) genres from this mix please forgive me for that. A lot of those games are single player by nature and I don’t play enough of them to know which ones are good or will be good for 2019 and beyond. I listed some games that took my interest. Feel free to skip this section if you’re already familiar with the more popular MP games.


Far Cry 5 and Far Cry New Dawn

Some of you might have mixed opinions on these series. To me, these series are the ones that I Ubisoft is still getting right. Some of you might naturally compare it to them not being as good as FC3 but now they actually have a multiplayer feature. Even if you’re not a fan, traversing the vast region of Hope County with a friend can be where it’s at (the AI is also smarter if you’re thinking about going through it single player).

GamerPals on Reddit has the most active forums of people looking for friends to play with. I definitely think that if you had a friend or two play with, you can forget the dry story and shortcomings.


Rust and The Forest

I’m easily spooked by survival horror games and these two are definitely worth meeting up with a friend to play with. Having a buddy to watch your back in a game like Rust will definitely take the edge off. You would also get a lot out of utilizing the meetup apps since Rust is a game that naturally pits players against each other. If you already know what The Forest is, I’m sure you’ll find the benefit of having a partner throughout that journey.


Rainbow 6 Siege

Watch the first demo of this game at the E3 year it was announced. The players are actually playing like a cohesive unit! If you play some random matchmaking games now, you’ll most definitely experience the opposite of how it’s meant to be played and how quickly plans fall apart.

I didn’t have a lot of patience when I first played this game but I’m willing to give it another try if I find a community of people who actually take it seriously. It turns into a chaotic COD match real fast if you don’t find teammates to watch your 6.


Arma III 

This game was always meant to revolve around tactical cohesion from start to finish with very little in between (which is awesome). I linked to the community page on Steam if you’re looking for ones to match your personality type. You can find a ton of different people with different playstyles looking to get together. It’s a great place to start and you’ll be less lost than I was when I first played. This is still a huge game and you can’t just jump into an instant matchmaking lobby and expect to have everyone come together as a team.


Dead by Daylight

This one isn’t as pricey as the other AAA games but it will spook you just as much as games like Outlast. It’s a great multiplayer horror experience where one person is trying to snatch everyone else. The other players have to flip generator switches and related objectives before they get caught. Keep an eye out for this one, as it goes on a sale frequently and you don’t need to search through apps to find friends (you can do it while you’re playing).



Best Co-Op VR Games  

Yes, there are Co-Op games for VR! Most of them are remastered and the VR implemented version of old games like Elite Dangerous but that still counts. A lot of these games are also available on PSVR and its Xbox counterpart.


Keep Talking and No Body Explodes

This game basically took the bomb disarming scenario from CSGO and turned it into an exclusive VR game. Players all meet in a lobby, start the game, and then all work to explain to one person how to disarm the bomb. This game is out on PSVR and only requires the one person disarming the bomb to have the VR headset. The same is true with the PC version. I haven’t played this one specifically and I’m not sure if you can set up a game where everyone can wear a headset.


Echo Arena

Fight against players in a beat saber-like world. It seems really chaotic but the controls are easy to learn. Play this one standing or sitting. Players of all skill will find this game enjoyable and I came across some serious ranked matchmaking communities online. This is also one of the few games that is entirely multiplayer and exclusive to VR setups.


Elite Dangerous

Do you ever remember playing this game many years ago when the 2D version was released? My guess is probably not since all you could do was fly around for long spans of time in open space and occasionally shoot at random ships. They’ve re-amped this game to test even the most demanding VR setups.

This is a great game for sitting, meeting up with friends online, has great graphics and music. I’ve never played it but the controls look more complicated than the 2D version but I can’t honestly speak on that. The original game didn’t look that fun but having an integrated co-op system along with VR would definitely take it to a whole new level of fun.


Minecraft VR

Of all the co-op VR games, this one would be my top pick. It’s the 100%, 360-degree version of Minecraft that we all loved. The graphics are the same and the VR immersion of it makes it even more awe-inspiring. This is also a great entry game into VR if you’re just getting started. The controls are simple and the fluidity of movement is well polished. It also comes with the original 2D version of Minecraft if you already have it!




There are tons and tons of different gaming communities out there. With these resources, hopefully I’ve provided you everything you need to find the one that best suits you. Whether it’s the role-playing Ghost Recon Wildlands enthusiasts or the mega trolls that run around in Rust destroying people’s bases, now you have access to the best sites to find some friends.

It’s a lot easier to connect with friends and people all around the world nowadays, but I still feel most gaming companies are falling just short of meeting the desires of their co-op and split-screen fans. In my personal opinion, even a game that sucks can be made lightyears more enjoyable if you have a friend to make fun of it with. As always, feel free to leave a comment if I missed anything and thank you all for reading! I’m also looking for article suggestions if you have any.

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